A Plum Start for Evolved Chocolate: An Exclusive Interview With the First Store to Carry Evolved Products

by Evolved Chocolate

We had a chance to talk to Tiffany Barnes, Director of Floral & Specialty Candy at Plum Market. The good people at Plum Market are dedicated to providing a wide selection of clean, organic, and natural food products. They were actually the first store to carry our chocolate! They are based in Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, and Bloomfield, Michigan, but have an extensive online store for all of your health-conscious food needs. Not to mention their wide variety of quality wine, beer, and spirits. Without further ado, here’s what Tiffany had to tell us!

A big reason Plum Market is so loved by its customers is you guys are one of the first to carry new and innovative products, even from smaller and emerging brands. How do you stay up to date on new products and current trends in the natural products industry?

General research online, social media, blogs, you can learn a lot through a vast array of sources that can fit into our store model.

In your opinion, where is the natural products industry headed? What are some of the current trends you have been seeing?

Guests want quality food that they feel good eating and food awareness is growing rapidly. In the chocolate world raw, keto, paleo, allergen-friendly sweets are always asked about.

How has the chocolate industry and specialty candy category changed over the years?
Yes, guests are looking for dietary friendly indulgences. They are more aware of the options they pick up, and read labels closer to meet their needs.

Since you are the Director for Floral and Specialty Candy, have you noticed any buying pattern changes over the years when it comes to special occasions and holidays?

For holidays the traditional gifting still appeals to guests but dark chocolate has become more desired

What do you look for when taking on a new product?

Simple ingredients, organic or non-GMO, dye-free or allergen-friendly, unique where it separates them from other lines, are a few things (that we look for in our new product).

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