Chocolate Spread, REBBL Giveaway and Summer Magazine

by Evolved Chocolate

Is it just me or are these weeks flying by? Time is so weird now a days :sweat_smile:

Chocolate Spread

We want to thank everyone who ordered the chocolate spread last week. We couldn’t believe how quickly it sold out, in under 20 minutes! All the chocolate spread orders have gone out the door so you should be receiving your order soon if you haven’t already.

We’d love to see how you guys are using the chocolate spread! Tag us in pictures :yum:

One thing to note, in colder temperatures the spread can solidify slightly due to coconut oil. If that happens just heat it up. The quickest way is in the microwave for a few seconds. You can also run the jar under warm water or scoop some out and melt it over the stovetop.

We’re planning on making another batch soon, hopefully by the end of this month/beginning of next month we’ll have more which we’ll put in stock along with Monkey Munch.

REBBL Giveaway

In case you missed it, we’re running a giveaway with Rebbl on our Instagram! It’s a good giveaway for #keto peeps. The winner receives our Keto Cups and Rebbl’s new Chocolate Keto Elixirs.

Check it out!

Summer Magazine in Progress

Even in quarantine we’re chipping away at the next issue of Evolved Quarterly. Here’s a sneak peak of some paleo/vegan garlic knots that are in development for the next issue.

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