Grocery Workers

by Evolved Chocolate

We asked you on social media to nominate a grocery store worker who’s made a positive impact on their community. Hundreds of entries were submitted. 

How It Worked

We randomly selected 5 winners. From the week of April 27-May 1, we announced on our Instagram story each day 1 winner, along with the reason why they were nominated.

Each winner received a chocolate care package and an Amazon gift card. 

Why We Did It

A group of essential workers that often doesn’t get the appreciation they deserve is the grocery workers. They stock the shelves with your favorite chocolates and frankly, Evolved couldn’t exist without them. 

This is our way of giving them the recognition and credit they deserve. 

Here are Their Stories

Aaron D. is 19-years old in Apex, North Carolina who’s working full-time at Harris Teeter while juggling a full college course load. If he didn’t have his current position, all he’d want to do is help others and do that wherever he can.

Nancy C. works at Mariano’s in Chicago. She travels over an hour to work to get to her store and provide essential services to her customers. Recently, Nancy tested positive for COVID-19 and is on the mend. But she’s a fighter and once she’s back to 100%, she’ll be heading back to work.

Mary M. is 70-years old and works at a Stop and Shop in Staten Island, New York. She’s incredibly helpful and wonderfully caring. Since the pandemic, she hasn’t missed a single day of work. 

DJ works at Whole Foods in Sarasota, Florida in addition to a nursing home. People describe him as a ray of sunshine who makes everyone’s day. 

Graham V. is a single dad of two who works at a Trader Joe’s in Seattle. He’s been described as an extremely kind soul and one who deserves to be recognized.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We just want to say thank you for all of you who sent nominations.

But more importantly, we also want to express our gratitude for the hard work grocery employees do on a daily basis!

And thank you to all our essential workers.

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