Keto cups, Chocolate bars, and Pen Pals! – April 17th, 2020

by Evolved Chocolate

As this week comes to a close, the New York Governor extended the shutdown to middle of May. Luckily we are still able to keep producing!


You may have seen earlier this week we put some Signature, Almond Sea Salt, and Midnight Coconut in stock online. Midnight Coconut is now sold out but the other two are still available.

This batch of Almond Sea Salt is made with the new organic blanched almonds. I was surprised how much more I liked the bar with the blanched almonds. The almond pieces are much larger and a bit softer (which I prefer). We would love your feedback if you try this new batch!


We’re now in Keto Cup production for the next few weeks. You’ll be seeing all the Keto Cup flavors popping up online starting next week.

We also have a small amount Coffee Cups made with the previous formula (contains monk fruit but no jeruselum artichoke fiber). If you are interested in purchasing these cups let me know and we can put them up on the website next week!


We also announced that we are starting up a Pen Pal Program for our Monkey Troopers! Submissions have already closed and it is underway. If you signed up, make sure you check your Facebook “Message Requests” to get the information on your pal’s information.

– Christine

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Lisa Essary April 17, 2020 - 10:02 PM

Stay safe Evolved team!


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