New Machines and Filled Bars – April 10th Update

by Evolved Chocolate

Christine here from Evolved Chocolate with an update on where Evolved is within this current situation and how things are shaping up through April.

Maybe I can make this a weekly or biweekly thing? Let me know what you guys think if this is helpful at all!

Production Going Strong

Things are still up and running here. We are still producing as we were last week while also working to get the new packaging machine up and running (which should be any day now!).

The past week we focused on producing our filled chocolate bars as well as Midnight Coconut. We sent out a bunch of pallets to Whole Foods to restock their shelves as well as restock our website.

As of now all filled chocolate bars are in stock (other than the cashew butter bar). As long as production goes well a limited amount of Midnight Coconut, Signature Dark, and Almond Sea Salt will be put online sometime next week.

Some exciting news about the filled bars that just went in stock online:

This batch of Cashew Cookie Dough Bars is made with the new formulation we’ve been teasing for a while! We slightly tweaked the filling so that it’s more “cookie dough” tasting. While the previous recipe was good we thought they tasted too similar to the Cashew Filled Bar. Here’s the new ingredients panel for this bar is:

  • Organic Cacao, Organic Cashews, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Maple Sugar, Organic Coconut Flour, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

This batch of Almond Filled Bars is also different than in the past.

While the recipe itself is the same, we made the filling with organic blanched almonds rather than almonds with the skins on. This gives it a creamier, less bitter taste and texture.

We think this tastes better than the skin-on version we’re wondering if now it’s too similar tasting to the Cashew Filled Bar? It’s a tricky balance and we’d love to hear your feedback on this if you do try them!

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